The Balor Club Invades Ohio, Prepares for Glory

As the site’s largest (obsessive) Finn Balor fan, I really want to see him hold a title again. Creative hasn’t been doing a great job with Balor, but I do like the fearless approach he has taken with every single opponent — even with small fries like Curtis Axel.

Honestly, watching Axel and Bo Dallas mock Balor’s entrance was funny, I guess.

The match started with Axel and Dallas ganging up on Balor, starting the match on an exciting, yet predictable note. Axel is a good wrestler, and uses his strength and speed well. The two are matched very evenly, making this one of the better matches Balor’s been in recently. Balor easily took the win, and here’s hoping creative will give him a title push. Much like Balor, I’m a little over it.

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