Ark: Aberration Has Arrived with New Dinos, Items, and Launch Trailer

As resident Ark boy, I’m always excited about new content for the game. The title seemingly had a fairly successful launch out of Early Access earlier this year despite some bumps, and it’s about time the game saw new content. Luckily, as of today, we have some.

The game’s second expansion Aberration has launched bringing space caves to the game by way of a malfunctioning Ark. The DLC brings a bunch of new dinos supposedly affected by radiation, meaning a ton of them have wild abilities like turning invisible, lighting up the way in the caves, or one that can impregnate you and you can tame the babies at birth… wait, what?! That one is real.

Along with the new area and dinos, there are also over 50 new items to play with too, from technology like super-powered flying suits to… a rope ladder.

You can get a taste in this new launch trailer for the game. Despite a live-action bit on the front, this is similar if not exactly the same as the announcement trailer. But hey, it’s nice to be reminded.

The expansion is out now and is free to anyone with the Season Pass, or $19.99 standalone. Have at it. I’ll see you in there.