James Mangold and Patrick Stewart Weigh In On Disney Buying Fox

In what will eventually end up being a case of every single person involved with the production of the movie Logan, director James Mangold has weighed in on the looming Fox sale to Disney, which could happen this week. Star Hugh Jackman also commented on the deal earlier today.

Mangold revealed to website Deadline that he’s worried about what the sale could do for the variety of movies that Fox produces, particularly the R-Rated ones.

“If they’re actually changing their mandate, if what they’re supposed to do alters, that would be sad to me because it just means less movies,” Mangold said. “I just hope what we end up with is going to be a positive in terms of movies.”

“The real thing that happens when you make a movie rated R, behind the scenes, is that the studio has to adjust to the reality that there will be no Happy Meals. There will be no action figures,” Mangold continued. “The entire merchandising, cross-pollinating side of selling the movie to children is dead before you even start. And when that’s dead, it means you’re making a grown-up movie.”

Mangold went on to say that movies nowadays are “merchandising entities” rather than stories, complaining that you “can’t kill the characters because they’re worth so much effing money.”

For Disney, it will be hard to resist the temptation to sell those Happy Meals. Under Disney, the R-Rated Fox movie could go the way of… well, the way of an independent Fox studio.

Logan star Patrick Stewart’s comments, from that same Deadline article, are a bit more succinct. “Whatever happens, I want it to be a good thing for the studio,” Stewart said. It makes sense that Stewart wouldn’t want to choose a side, as he’s still hoping to return from retirement as Professor Xavier for a role in a Deadpool movie or the Legion TV show.

Tune in tomorrow to learn which Logan stars comment on the Fox sale next!

Image courtesy Fox (maybe soon to be Disney)

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