Chris Evans Invites Bullied Youth Keaton Jones to Join the Avengers

Chris Evans Invites Bullied Youth Keaton Jones to Join the Avengers

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A few days ago when Kimberly Jones headed to the school where her son, Keaton, attends to pick him up early, she had no idea what was going to follow would end up causing them to become a cause célèbre and the focus of a large swath of the entertainment industry and sporting world. She had been called to get him because he said he was, “afraid to eat with his schoolmates.” He had long been bullied at the school, but it was continuing to get worse.

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This time, fed up with frustration he suggested that she record him talking about his frustrations and experiences, and so she did.  The result was this tearful and heartbreaking video where he talks about how, “They pour milk on me and put ham down my clothes, throw bread at me.” Now watched more than 21 million times, it’s struck quite a nerve as it continues to go viral.

It didn’t take long before the video got picked up and started trending across various social media networks. Everyone from Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown to Snoop Dog and most people in between have been sending messages of support and offers of friendship.

For more direct bodyguard services, he has no further to look than UFC fighter Paige VanZant

Personally my own wish fulfillment would be the image of The Walking Dead’s Negan, complete with Lucille walking into the school to have a conversation with Keaton’s bullies. It’s kind of like the fantasy scene of every bullied kid to see their oppressors have the ever-living heck scared out of them:

But then it came time for the Avengers to catch wind of it and Mark Ruffalo jumped into the mix:

However it was Chris Evans who plays Captain America who wins the prize for most behaving like a superhero. He reached out to Keaton inviting him and his mom to the Avengers premiere in Los Angeles next year.

From the kid who thought he was alone in the world to thousands who are now reaching out in support and telling him that his supposition in the video is correct: “It’ll probably get better one day,” he comments just before turning away and the clip ends. Yes, Keaton, it does get better. Sometimes sooner than you might think.

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