Bleeding Cool Bestseller List - 10th December 2017 - Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 10th December 2017 – Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

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This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

batman #36

And it’s Batman that takes the top two spots, a hair’s breadth between them. It could have gone either way. Justice League is getting a boost from the new team and The Walking Dead outsells every Marvel title this week. However, a lot more Marvel than usual ekes its way into the lower half of the top ten, with Doctor Strange definitely outperforming expectations. But a poor first showing for Venom Inc…

  1. Batman #36
  2. Batman White Knight #3
  3. Justice League #34
  4. Walking Dead #174
  5. Superman #36
  6. Captain America #696
  7. Avengers #674
  8. Doctor Strange #382
  9. Star Wars Darth Vader #9
  10. Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc #1

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Who had this to say.

Batman stands firm at the top of FFF Top Ten List with seven of the ten books being Bat-centric. Batman: White Knight actually outsold the main Batman title by one issue to take the #1 spot on our list. Superman managed to sell a little more than both Batman/TMNT and Justice League. The DC Holiday Special, a $10 book outsold every Marvel book this week. Venom Inc and Darth Vader were the only non-DC books to make the Top Ten. Batman Annual #2 which we had the foresight to reorder before it sold out made the #10 spot, just outselling this weeks Walking Dead. The rest of the Top Twenty is a sea of DC with two Image books and three Marvel titles trying their best to get sales but falling short. People want quality and if the past year has been any indication, they know which of the Big 2 to go to for it.

Aside from Venom Inc and Star Wars, which both will always sell, the only other Marvel book in the Top Twenty was Doctor Strange at #16. I’d like to see this book sell better as it has the draw of the next big thing in Donny Cates. Hopefully we’ll see it sell more gradually over the week once the word gets out that it’s actually one of the better books coming from Marvel. Also, the big reveal at the end should get a least a few people talking.

On the indie side, the only two big sellers were Image books. Walking Dead of course sold well even if it was outsold by the Batman issue of the year. Paper Girls sold just one issue less than WD putting it at #12.

Even split for BigTwo books, four and four. Walking Dead comes in at #3 outselling all Marvel books for the week. Paper Girls is #8, outselling both X-Books. Nothing really of note for the week.

The snow couldn’t stop this from being a big week despite having to close up early yesterday. The biggest seller was Batman White Knight #3 and the Harley Quinn variant specifically was gone the first day. Some honorable mentions among the week included Witchblade and Iron Maiden which have had strong launches recently. Lots of people have been gift shopping and some random items have been selling like a full run of Batman Eternal 1-52, and Trump parodies have been popular.

An excellent week of NEW RELEASES with lots of quality books and MARVEL hitting 4 of the top 10 even with multiple BATMAN releases this week.
Everyone left happy with something good this week – always nice to see!

Batman White Knight is doing crazy well. This series is super red hot. No matter how many DC print they just keep running out. More please. Marvel had a good week with 4 titles making the top 10. Maybe some good can come out of Legacy. Paper Girls came in at #10 this week. Its the first time a non-DC/Marvel made my top 10 in a very very long time. Hopefully that’s good news for 2018.

Marvel did a whole lot better than last week. Both Mark Waid’s Captain America and Donny Cates’ Doctor Strange are proving to be pretty decent draws. That being said, Paper Girls was, of course, our number one this week. Our customers are pretty much 100% here for anything BKV puts out, and it definitely helps that Paper Girls is consistently great. Love & Rockets Magazine also made our bestseller list this week, which is extra great because we’re basically happy whenever anything Love & Rockets comes out.

This week we have the familiar sight of Batman filling our top spots, with BATMAN #36, BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #3, and BATMAN TMNT II #1. However, our third best seller was a Marvel title, the one-shot VENOM INC ALPHA #1.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #34 and SUPERMAN #36 fill out the middle of the pack, while the low-end of the list features Marvel mainstays with AVENGERS #674, CAPTAIN AMERICA #696, and SPIDER-MAN #235. Covering the rear we have WALKING DEAD #174, which features a story focusing on the current state of series ur-villain Negan.

Oh, and personally: really dig the new DC trade dress!

A couple Marvel snuck in, but overall there is little excitement for Marvel right now. Hopefully the Phoenix/Infinity stuff can produce interest or we are in for a long year waiting for them to get this sorted out.
Reaction to new DC corner boxes has been positive.
But overall a lackluster week.

A great week for DC, but not so much for Marvel–only one Marvel title (Spider-Man Venom Inc. Alpha #1) made it into our Top Ten list for the week. Star Wars titles have dropped out of the top ten, leaving Marvel with no strong sellers to offset the top-tier DC titles.

Notable sale of the week: Flash #112 CGC 6.0 for $360

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