Days Gone Confirmed for 2018 at PSX

Days Gone Confirmed for 2018 at PSX

Posted by December 9, 2017 Comment

Days Gone hasn’t been seen since this E3 this year, and while that is only a couple months, it’s perhaps surprising that the game hasn’t turned up at Tokyo Games Show, Paris Games Week, The Game Awards or PlayStation Experience. That’s a lot of shows to be missing from.

However, talking to one Greg Miller, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has alleviated any premature fears that something was up. Speaking at PSX (via DualShockers), Yoshida said that while the game isn’t at the show happening this weekend, it is due in 2018. More than that, it is internally playable from start to finish and it’s now in testing and polishing phase.

Even with that being the case, I wouldn’t expect the game anytime too soon. My guess would be Fall, but who knows. Could Sony have a surprise and give the game a hot drop? Not likely, but with a release date in the next 12 months, stay vigilant.

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