In The Valley of Gods is the Newest Game From the Firewatch Team, and it Looks Stellar

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Firewatch really was one of the best FPXs (or walking simulators if you prefer) of the last few years. I’d wager it’s even worth a whirl if you aren’t a fan of the genre. It’s so pretty and tells a poignant story all over a pretty short running time. Now developer Campo Santo is moving on to its next project too, called In the Valley of Gods and oh my, it looks good.

Revealed at the Game Awards last night, the game looks to be following a couple of architects exploring Egyptian ruins. There is no dialogue or story past what you see, but it all looks breathtakingly good. Certainly reminiscent of Firewatch, but obviously the studio has pushed things here. Perhaps the key difference is you seem to be interacting with another person and not just a walkie-talkie this time.

We do have a bit of a wait on our hands though. The game is slated for sometime in 2019, so get comfortable.

Take a look at the trailer here:

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