No DLC for Outlast 2, But Outlast 3 Is Coming – and Nintendo Switch Versions

I was a great admirer of Outlast 2. I really think it is one of the great horror games of the last few years and that it flew a little under the radar. If you haven’t picked it up make sure you do when you can. It’s a great, spooky time. We just got a whole bunch of news about the series, too.

Taking to Facebook, Red Barrels Studio have announced that if you were expecting more from the series in the short term, you might be disappointed. Despite claiming to have looked at it from a couple angles, the developer has decided to not continue forward with DLC for Outlast 2. However, there is a pretty big light at the end of the tunnel here. In the post, rather nonchalantly, Outlast 3 was announced, with the rather ominous release window of “at some point.” Nothing further than that, but yeah — a sequel will be coming… someday.

In the more immediate future, the team did say it was working on a “distinct experience” fans have been asking for that is not a sequel, but set in the Outlast universe. I’d bet my bottom dollar it is some kind of VR experience.

To see out the information dump, it was also announced that a Nintendo Switch versions of both Outlast and Outlast II are coming in the first quarter of 2018. Now you can get spooked on the go — an experience we all crave!