Dying Light is Getting a Battle Royale Standalone Expansion Called Bad Blood

Dying Light got excellent post-launch support. It saw lots of features added and a meaty expansion too with The Following, which brought in an area as big as the original map. Techland seemingly loves supporting the game, and now, nearly three years after the initial release, it is getting a whole new standalone expansion. And would you have guessed it? It’s a battle royale mode.

This mode will bring PvP to the series, which the developer said is due to “numerous” asks by the community. But don’t expect 100 people to drop in though like in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite. Instead, it is just six players, who are trying to evacuate themselves from the map before nightfall. There’s a twist where players will be able to work together to take down zombies and collect vials you will need to get evacuated; but, of course, they can turn on each other whenever they want. The expansion is set for 2018, but sadly nothing more specific than that has been shared.

The games industry has gone a little battle royale mad at this point thanks to the monster success of PUBG, and honestly, I think this is just the very start. At the same time, some of these modes have been really fun. While seeing a business jump on a bandwagon can seem cynical, if new twists and good modes are put out there, then I’m on board. Good games are good games.