The Predator Will Focus on the Motives and Technology of the Aliens

The Predator is set for release next summer, and it's bound to a pretty interesting flick. Seeing Shane Black return as director instead of actor this time will be interesting, especially as a director of his quality taking a new stab at the invisible scorpion face. We now know just a little bit more about the film now, too.

Speaking to Pop Culture (via ComingSoon), Jake Busey revealed a little bit about the focus of the film, and it seems this one reveals what the aliens are after on earth. He said:

"This one definitely falls in line with the original franchise in that it does focus on the technology that the Predators have. It focuses on what the goal of the Predators is, and what their modus operandi, and why they come to the planet, and that type of thing. It's definitely in line with the original franchise."

I really do hope this lives up to the potential it has. A dang good Predator film in 2018 would be a pretty nice treat. Exploring why they are here a little further doesn't seem like a terrible hook, either.