Matt Hardy Was Fully Woken on Monday Night Raw Last Night

Woken Matt Hardy, we knew you’d come!

Months of Twitter drama culminated last night as Matt Hardy appeared fully in character using his Broken gimmick, for which he and his wife Reby Hardy have been fighting with former employers Impact Wrestling over since early in 2017. Well, sort of. Hardy’s new character is “Woken” instead of “Broken,” likely allowing WWE to trademark it.

Following a tease on last week’s episode of Raw and appearances at a house show in Salt Lake City over the weekend, Hardy delighted fans in Los Angeles last night when he appeared as part of a dueling video promo with Bray Wyatt just prior to the main event.

The saga of Hardy’s battle for the rights to act like a lunatic on WWE TV has been raging since he and his brother Jeff Hardy left Impact Wrestling at the beginning of the year. Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Hardy engaged in an epic Twitter feud over the rights to the gimmick, which the Hardys say they created, against ImpactDutch Mantell, new (at the time) (but now deposed) Impact executive Jeff Jarrett, and Impact parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment executive Ed Norholm. Behind the scenes, a legal battle was also taking place over the rights, as we were constantly reminded of by the Twitter battle.

However, after Hardy teased a return to the gimmick last week, Nordholm issued a statement that seemed to indicate the company would no longer pursue the battle over the rights, freeing Hardy up to use his new character in WWE. And, well, you saw what happened last night.

Now, when will Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 arrive?

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