Kickstarter Spotlight: Split Earth Saga- A New Kind of Dystopia

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Joey Yu says:

Split Earth Saga, the graphic novel, is where Fantasy becomes Futuristic.

Long ago, in the year 2041, Earth split apart for reasons unknown by humans, bursting open with a planetary ring. Vast blue light emerged from the divide, mystically locking the two hemispheres in place.

Now half of Earth retains a thin strap of Habitable Zone, while the other half – unmoving and facing the sun – has turned barren, plagued with menacing spectral beings.

To defeat such enemies, humans need Dark Stone, a newly discovered mineral mined from deep shadows of the broken earth. Only trained female Warriors are able to wield weapons made out of it. Yet, to activate the weapons’ true ability, the blades must be cultivated by male blood.

Thus, each female Warrior must always be accompanied by a male Cultivator, whose blood has proven compatible with her weapon.

The story follows the girl Sprite, whose ultra volatile Blades only function right with the nourishing blood of her stepbrother Zack.

She is far from ready. But High Command is sending her away with 3 other Warriors – along with all their Cultivators – on an unprecedented mission.

Soon they will find that they’re landing on the wrong coordinate. Soon stakes will grow high and team dynamics will change. And the team will be forced to stay alive in the half-world they cannot recognize. But in order to survive, they’ll need to look beyond the mission and ask the ultimate question: why has Earth become what it is?

Aside from the story, a unique aspect about Split Earth is how the art is done. The artistic style aims to combine the Western approach to power and athleticism, and the Eastern sense of aesthetics in grace and form.

The creative trio has spent 1.5 years laying the foundation. Now they’re to develop a 120+ pages Graphic Novel with beautifully rendered story panels. There will be an optional Artbook, and limited-edition prints exclusive to Kickstarter campaign, along with a theme music MP3 as bonus.


Hey, it’s Josh here. Split Earth Saga caught my attention with its amazing art and unique premise. This is definitely a project worthy of your support.

The Kickstarter can be found at this link (it should be live by now, if not, check back later).

Here is a preview of the comic.

And here is the official site with short video about its story with a number of art stills.


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