Crowdfunding Spotlight: John de Lancie, Vic Mignogna to Star in When the Train Stops

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When The Train Stops Cast

Entering into the final days of their Indiegogo campaign, the team behind Star Trek Continues is closing up on their goal for their latest project, When the Train Stops. Framed as a Twilight Zone-esque short film, the project looks to be an interesting mix of mystery and character study with a twist ending. The project’s synopsis reads as a tease:

Clive Emerson (Darren Jacobs from Suspense and  Hollyoaks) is a young fugitive with a troubled past and bleak future. When the law catches up with him, he’s taken into custody by U.S. Marshal Preston Booth (Michael Forest from Netflix’s 3%) and begins a long train trip across the American southwest back to prison.

Though Booth takes a personal interest in the case when Clive insists upon his innocence, the young man ultimately resigns himself to his sad fate. But little does Clive know that the future waiting for him when the train stops isn’t at all what he expects – and neither, for that matter, is Marshal Booth…

Train will also star John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Vic Mignogna (Star Trek Continues, RWBY, Fullmetal Alchemist), and Kipleigh Brown (Star Trek: Enterprise). Lisa Hansell is producing and Star Trek Continues alum James Kerwin will be directing the script penned by newcomer Bernadette Hale. The production team (and all of the actors) have worked together on Continues, so the group has a strong track record of delivering on their funded projects.

the total raised has passed the $32,000 mark and continues to head towards their $38,000 target. Since it’s an Indiegogo campaign rather than Kickstarter, it’s not an all-or-nothing – so they’ll at least have that much (plus Hansell noted, an additional $12,000 already committed from direct investors). The donor levels span the gamut from $5 (A Thank You) to $5000 (a walk-on role, a co-executive producer credit, and a pile of other add-ons).

They do have the ubiquitous sizzle reel for their pitch, but unfortunately it leans heavily on the actors and production team talking about their Continues achievements and experience as a team, rather than going into more tease about the project itself. However given their track record thus far and their combined collection of awards from various film festivals, as well as Telly and Webby awards, it’s likely that this will be another decent production.

If you’re in the mood for supporting the independent film scene, or want to buy an IMDb credit for a friend for the holidays, give the project a perusal.

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