The Mousepad I Kinda Need: We Review Logitech’s G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

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Logitech sent a few items our wait to review in time for the holiday season, and along with a stereo system and a webcam, we received their brand new G Powerplay Wireless Charging System. Given the kind of gaming mice that Logitech has produced over the years, it was intriguing to receive what sounded like an absolute dream on paper. A wireless gaming mouse that’s charged on the mousepad you play on.


The simplistic version of this is that the device is hooked up to your PC with a lightspeed receiver built into it. From the photo below, it’s the rectangular module attached to the pad at the top. This serves as both the connection point for the pad to receive power, but also the receiving point for it to track where the mouse is at all times as it corresponds to your desktop. So while the device is connected and working with your computer, it also charges the mouse with special batteries that work with the pad itself to stay fully charged. Even when you switch the computer totally off, it will charge the mouse as long as it’s plugged in.


The mousepad itself has two different types of tops: a hardtop and a cloth top, both of which work with the base of the mat to charge through either. After playing several hours with the pad, I can tell you for sure that it stays charged throughout the game and there’s no degradation in the signal between the mouse and what’s happening on screen. I ran it through the gambit of FPS titles on my tower and it responded with ease to everything. For the truly ultra paranoid person who doesn’t trust the system, fear not, the cable that connects to the top of the pad also connects to the top of the mouse. So if you want to have it wired, don’t worry, you can have it wired if you absolutely need to.


We were lucky enough to receive a two-in-one edition that came with two Logitech mice: The G703 and the G903. The G703 is your basic everyday use mouse for when you’re just browsing and taking care of the day-to-day stuff on your computer. The G903 is one of their top of the line gaming mice, which also comes with a few customizable buttons that you can interchange depending on the game your playing or the style of mouse you enjoy having. The bonus to the G903 is that it works for either hand, so left-handed gamers don’t need to be left out. You can use both mice at once if you truly wish, but each had a power button on the bottom so you can switch between them.


Overall, I loved this! I have been playing with a few different gaming mice, including some by Logitech, over the past few years. But a part of me really missed having a wireless mouse. Can’t explain why in detail, I just know I enjoyed the freedom. Now I have that freedom back along with a damn fine gaming mouse together. Everything together is going to be around $250, only $200 for the pad and one of the mice, so basically this is a package deal to change everything you’re doing. Basically it just comes down to how badly you want to get rid of a wired mouse from your system.


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