Jason Momoa Talks About Bringing Aquaman’s New Look Into Justice League

Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman seems to have gone over pretty well in Justice League. The gruff charm of the performance seems to have brought the character forward as a credible superhero, and not the lazy ‘talk to fish’ joke audiences have made about the character for a long time.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Jason Momoa

However, the original version of the character has not been lost completely in the makeover. In the Justice League: The Art of the Film book (via ScreenrRant), Jason Momoa talks about the different aspects of the character and how he came together. The fact everyone wanted the blond highlights is probably telling that they wanted a nod to the original version of Arthur Curry:

Zack [Snyder] had the idea for the tattoos. Everyone wanted to have a little bit of blond in the hair. For the eyes, I always liked that Van Gogh green color you can get lost in; it draws you in, but you’re also scared by it. So I wanted to have that look.

I really dig the redesign of the character, and wouldn’t be surprised to see it start to spread further in other iterations of the character. Here’s hoping.