Defiant David Ayer Completely Unrepentant About Oscar-Winning Film Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad director David Ayer shocked fans on Twitter over the weekend with his response to a question about whether he regretted making the Oscar-winning film Suicide Squad. His answer was apparently newsworthy enough to make headlines on multiple clickbait entertainment news sites, prompting Bleeding Cool to investigate his comments by visiting his Twitter page.

Asked if he regretted making Suicide Squad, Ayer responded, “Not for a second.”

“Not for one second,” Ayer continued, listing off the film’s achievements. “I got to work with amazing people. It won an Oscar, did incredible business. Launched a franchise and spinoff. And like it or not it’s halfway to cult status.”

But it wasn’t just the world that was made better by Suicide Squad. Ayer benefited as well.

“I grew as a person, grew creatively,” he explained. “Warners took a chance on me. I’m grateful.”

Suicide Squad
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It’s actually not so surprising that Ayer would be proud of Suicide Squad. In retrospect, the movie made $745 million globally and made a profit, which right now is more than can be said about Justice League. Yes, Suicide Squad has both the lowest critic rating (26%) on Rotten Tomatoes and the lowest Audience score (61%), but Batman v. Superman only beat it by a few points in each. Additionally, the movie has spawned something like seventeen competing Harley Quinn spinoff movies. That’s not nothing.

Taking all of that into context, it’s easy to see why David Ayer would be unrepentant about making Suicide Squad. Honestly, its more surprising that anyone would ask him if he regrets it.

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