The Armored Core Series Isn't Over, According to FromSoftware

The Armored Core Series Isn’t Over, According to FromSoftware

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It’s been a while since we last heard about Armored Core and there hasn’t been a new game announcement despite the recent 20th anniversary live stream, but FromSoftware says that the series is not dead just yet.

Earlier today, FromSoftware hosted a special Armored Core 20th anniversary live stream over at NicoNico Live called the “Armored Core Suite 02.” Siliconera reports that:

“While FromSoftware specifically mentioned before the stream that there won’t be any new game announcements, the company marketing manager Yasunori Ogura mentioned during the program that they ‘have no intention to end the series.'”

Ogura went on to say that there are numerous members from the staff that want to make a new Armored Core game, but that they have nothing new to show and won’t anytime soon.

Over on Twitter, Ogura thanked fans for watching the Armored Core 20th anniversary broadcast. He mentioned again that he doesn’t have anything to share for now, but reassured fans that the series won’t be ending like this and hopes for continued support from fans.

The last time we heard about Armored Core was back in September of 2016 when FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki said they’re working on three new games including a new Armored Core, but there hasn’t been any followup info since then. Likely the game is in some form of development hell amid From’s other properties, including those two other games that are currently in development. It isn’t like From is a particularly massive studio, so Armored Core likely wasn’t made the top priority, unfortunately. But at least we have hope.

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