The Original Animal Crossing Mobile Game Was Much More Barebones Than Pocket Camp

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been out for a little bit now, and it seems to have hit with some mixed reactions. Some are really enjoying the Animal Crossing experience on a phone, while others are frustrated by the ‘mobile-ness’ in the way of the economy and timers. However, according to a new report, it’s certainly much more in-depth than previously planned.

animal crossing: pocket camp

Liam Robertson took to his YouTube channel to discuss the mobile game, and specifically, what it used to be. He outlines that the game went through some troubling times, at one point being delayed indefinitely. This is because the first version didn’t seem up to scratch for Nintendo. Instead of walking around and doing stuff, the app was just a simple town builder with a lot of focus on menu management. At this time, it was called Animal Crossing: Town Planner.

However, it seems Nintendo somewhat turned it around after rebuilding the game from scratch. You can see the full report in the video below:

Of course, none of this is confirmed, but Robertson has a great track record on these kinds of things. While some are disappointed with what Pocket Camp is, I think disappointment would have been even louder if it was not a more traditional Animal Crossing experience.

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