Twitch is Adding Live Voting to This Year's Edition of The Game Awards

Twitch is Adding Live Voting to This Year’s Edition of The Game Awards

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Twitch is giving us an interesting live-voting extension to streams of The Game Awards this year. By leveraging a custom overlay and enabling streamers to co-stream the event, different communities will be able to make predictions of which nominees should win each category. The communities that are most accurate will be featured on a live leaderboard for all viewers to see. So, you can brag to your friends about how your game community is better than theirs.

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The feature was created using Twitch Extensions, a new set of flexible, dynamic, easy to build, and easy-to-use tools that allow developers to help creators customize their channel pages with interactive experiences.

In addition to allowing viewers to predict winners in each category, creators can use co-streaming to compete with other channels’ communities for the most correct predictions. Co-streaming allows a creator to share another channel’s video feed with their own community, resulting in a more personalized, social experience.

The Extension, which was created by Muxy, is called Community Predictions and ​will appear as an interactive overlay on each co-streaming channel with the nominees listed each time a new category is announced. Viewers may then vote for their predicted winner and also see which nominee received the majority vote from that channel’s community. Viewers are then provided a list of the channel’s majority vote for each category on the “Results” tab, as well as indications of which are correct and incorrect. Also displayed as a tab on the overlay is a “Leaderboard” that shows the top 10 channels with the most correct predictions.

“One of the thrills of watching award shows is guessing who is going to win. With the Twitch Extension created for The Game Awards, we are able to tap into that desire by letting viewers at home cast votes alongside other community members in their favorite Twitch channels,” said Brian Petrocelli, product marketing manager at Twitch. “Twitch creator communities are always highly engaged, but when you add the power of co-streaming and an interactive Extension, Twitch offers a unique viewing experience.”

“The Twitch community has consistently been one of the most engaged audiences for The Game Awards,” said Geoff Keighley, Executive Producer of The Game Awards. “We’re always looking for ways to reinvent the awards show model, and this year’s partnership with Twitch will help make The Game Awards the most interactive awards show on the planet.”

Hailed  by The New York Times as “The Oscars of the gaming world,” The Game Awards reached over 8.5 million viewers in 2016. The show brings together game industry creators, esports champions, digital influencers and Hollywood names for a night of awards, exclusive game world premieres, new game announcements, and musical performances.

 The Community Predictions Extension goes live with the broadcast of The Game Awards at 5:30 p.m. PST on To see the full list of co-streaming channels, check out The Game Awards directory.

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