Christopher Nolan Doesn't Think Studio Movies Like his Batman Trilogy can be Made Any More

Christopher Nolan's Batman movies still stand near the top of 'best superhero film' lists. Though we are offered so many films nowadays in the genre, something about those movies still feel special. Nolan thinks he knows why too.

Speaking in an interview at The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London (via Deadline), the filmmaker said that one of the key reasons he thinks those movies stand out now is because, back when he was making them, he was afforded the time. He said:

That's a privilege and a luxury that filmmakers aren't afforded anymore. I think it was the last time that anyone was able to say to a studio, 'I might do another one, but it will be four years'. There's too much pressure on release schedules to let people do that now but creatively it's a huge advantage. We had the privilege and advantage to develop as people and as storytellers and then bring the family back together.

It's not hard to see his point either. Films in shared universes have to hit at a specific timeframe in order for continuity to work. It would be impossible for a movie to get delayed for a year or so, as it would throw other projects out of whack. That's not to say one way is better than the other of course. There are so many great things about shared universes when done right. It just seems those epic, director dictated versions of superhero movies might be dead. That's maybe a little sad.