Bringing Mike Baron to the Centennials – an Independent Crossover

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Iggy Michniacki writes,

Over the past five years with the birth of Denver Comic Con, artists and writers residing in the Rocky Mountain state have been making their colors brighter, their voices louder, and their passions for creating unhindered by location or funds. Through a lot of smudged paper, ink covered hands, and sleepless night, comic creators in Colorado will stop at nothing to share their stories. This persistent drive to create has given the Centennial state a booming local independent comics community filled with rich characters and stories. About a year ago, Lee Oaks, creator of THUNDER MONKEY, came up with the brilliant idea to have all of these stories interact and coincide with each other, and hence, the Colorado Comic Collective was born.

THE CENTENNIALS follows the adventures of a young boy named Milo (created by Stan Yan) who has the ability, or curse, to imagine things to life. Sure, everything is fine and dandy if he were to imagine that all broccoli tasted like chocolate, but then there would not really be a story. Our young protagonist accidentally dreams the creation of a kaiju sized monster with nuclear-like power whose sole purpose seems to be terrorizing the world with its flaying tentacles. It’s up to Milo to fix his mistake before it’s too late.

And what better way to combat a monster than with some super heroes?

Inspired by the comic books at his local corner shop, Milo’s imagination breathes life into the spandex (well, only a few of them wear spandex) wearing heroes of comics like Tom Rasch’s BLACK ALPHA, Dan Conner and Patricia Zoom-Cat Krmpotich’s MY GAL, THE ZOMBIE, Mike Baron’s BADGER and NEXUS, Lee Oaks’ THUNDER MONKEY, the Enigma, and more.

With a Kickstarter end date of December , this 24-paged color comic is not only a beautiful collective effort of Colorado Comic Creators but also a timeless story featuring a vichyssoise of unique and lovable characters that will thrill you, entice you, and warm your heart for years to come. The entire project is made by Colorado but meant for the world. Please check out the kickstarter.

To say thank you to Bleeding Cool for sharing our campaign and its readers for checking it out, we’re offering a limited perk. The Bleeding Cool Special Reward is just $10 and features the Kickstarter Exclusive Book, the digital copy, and the unedited script signed by Eisner winning author, Mike Baron!
Please note that this bundle is limited to 50 people.

The Centennials features work by comicbook celebrities such as Mike Baron (The Punisher, the Flash), Lee Oaks (Halo Coloring Book, Escape from Terra), the Enigma (X-Files, Ripley’s Believe it or Not), Stan Yan (Vincent Price Presents, There’s a Zombie in My Basement), Patricia Krmpotich (Equilibrium), Jolyon Yates (Tales From the Crypt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Barry McClain (The Accelerators), Jay Peteranetz (Action Lab: Dog of Wonder), Bob Conway (Cerebus, Bazooka Joe), Chad Blakely (Kidnapping Kevin Smith), Monte Moore (Vampirella), Jason Meentz (Spawn), Dan Conner (Three Stooges, Pink Panther), and more!

The Enigma

Writer: Mike Baron
Title Design: G. Ka’aihue
Pencilers: Cachet Whitman, Barry McClain Jr, Jolyon Yates, Nate Hamel, Joe Oliver, Benjamin Worrell, Joe Arnold, and Benjamin Mikkelsen, Langdon Foss
Inker: Lee Oaks
Colorists: Ty Johnsen, Patrick Foster, Dan Conner, and Amanda Whipp
Letterer: Jay Peteranetz
Printer: Bob Conway
Variant Covers: Monte M. Moore, Tom Rasch, Jeff Herndon, Loralie Cosplay & Esteban Raza, and Jason Meents
Character Creators: Mike Baron, Lee Oaks, Monte Michael Moore, Robert Elrod, Stan Yan, Dan Conner, Patricia Zoom-Cat Krmpotich, Daniel Crosier, The Enigma, Todd Jones, Chad Blakely, Jason Montoya, Joe Becker, Tyrone Jackson, and William & Pepper DeLuca

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