Stylin' & Profilin': We Review The Overwatch Army Jacket

Stylin’ & Profilin’: We Review The Overwatch Army Jacket

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Back at PAX West, I came across a few people wearing this awesome looking Overwatch army jacket. I had to have one, but only one shop had them at the con and it was a size too small. Thankfully, Blizzard recently restocked their supply and I was able to snag one for review from them!

The jacket itself is made from a thicker cotton so that it has some resistance but is also designed to be lightweight, so this is more of your spring and fall type outerwear, as well as anything for a rainy or windy day. It comes with two breast pockets that are traditional buttoned up, as well as two side pockets for your hands and whatever you might be carrying. I threw in my keys, comb, lip balm, wallet, and phone into all of these and I could barely tell they were there.

The front left breast has an Overwatch patch written out, while the right sleeve has an Overwatch symbol. These aren’t cheap stick-on patches either, these are sewn into the jacket so that when you eventually wash it, they stay there! The design also comes with a giant Overwatch symbol on the back in black, while the main coloring of the jacket are shades of dark grays done in a pinstripe fashion. Normally you might think this doesn’t work, but it actually looks quite fine.

The only issue anyone might have with it is the inside. This isn’t meant to be anything fancy, it’s an army jacket. And with that idea comes the same design where there’s really no thrills on the lining and you can see where all of the pieces are put together. It can be a little rough on the inside, but really, who is just looking at your jacket to stare at the inside? It works for what it is, even if it does look a bit unkept. My favorite part of the jacket was the buttons, which are all metal and have the word Overwatch imprinted on them. That’s some fine attention to detail that didn’t go unnoticed!

Overall, this jacket is absolutely badass and I wish I had found it sooner. This is more geared toward being a mild fashion plate and the envy of other Overwatch players than being a super functional jacket, but it just happens to be a functional jacket, and that’s the real bonus. I highly recommend checking it out while it’s on sale in their store this month for $30.

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