Sexy Hellboy Reboot Gets Release Date Again, and It’s the Same One as Last Time

The sexy reboot of the Hellboy franchise has finally received a release date for the second time: January 11, 2019. The Hollywood Reporter has the steaming, heaping scoop on this second announcement of the Hellboy release date, which follows the report back in September that Hellboy would hit theaters on January 11, 2019. The news of Hellboy’s second release date (which is the same as Hellboy’s first release date) has been picked up and is spreading like wildfire across entertainment news media, despite all of them having already reported the same thing months ago.

To those unfamiliar with the way entertainment news works, it might seem silly to report the exact same news one reported months ago again as if it were brand new, but clickbait entertainment news actually has a very short life cycle, one week at most. After that, everyone completely forgets about it, even the entertainment news sites. Combine that with the fact that any “news” reported on any site, no matter how trivial, must immediately be followed with copycat reports on every other entertainment news site, and you can easily see how this sort of thing can happen. Look, don’t blame us. This is just the way the industry works.

For all you know, we’ve all been reporting the Hellboy release date over and over again on an endless Groundhog Day type loop for years and you just haven’t noticed because the human brain can only handle a limited amount of “news” stories about which actor wants to play which superhero in an upcoming superhero project, which star of a popular TV show thinks the next season of that show will be really entertaining to watch, and what easter eggs you missed in the latest trailer for a trailer for a popular upcoming movie.

So mark your calendars… wait, scratch that, unmark your calendars from the last time, and then mark them again, because Hellboy is officially coming to a theater near you on January 11, 2019. And that’s final!

We’re glad that’s been settled. Now, see you back here around February to report this same news again? Cool, sounds good to us!

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