A Rare Copy of Alan Moore’s Outbreaks of Violets – Random Acts of Kindness Hits eBay

In 1995, Outbreaks Of Violets – Random Acts Of Kindness was a portfolio of prints that told a story by Alan Moore and a stunning set of comic book artists. It was commissioned for the MTV Europe Music Awards in 1995 and was handed out to VIP guests. Lesser guests got a version made out of postcards instead.

They were mostly thrown away by guests who had no idea what the hell this was all about.

500 were produced originally, though only 200 were given out – and promptly destroyed or lost. The rest were left in a cupboard at MTV, offices that then later burned down.

The artists were Mique Beltrán, Max Cabanes, Mick McMahon, Baru, Francesca Ghermandi, Javier Mariscal, Jean-Philippe Stassen, Kellie Strøm, Francois Avril, Isabel Kreitz, Rachael Ball, Max Andersson, Stefano Ricci, Francois Boucq, Jamie Hewlett, Max, Edmond Baudoin, Ed Pinsent, Loustal, John M. Burns, Pirinen, Lorenzo Mattotti, Christian Gorny and Ever Meulen.

Every now and then one makes it to eBay, and people go crazy for it.

Like just now, from OK Comics in Leeds.

OUTBREAK OF VIOLETS is a set of 24 cards, with text written by ALAN MOORE, creating a loose narrative. The front of the cards are each illustrated by 24 different artists from around the world; including Mattotti, Burns, Baudin, Max, Hewlett, Boucq, Anderson, Baru, McMahon, and others.

The cards come in an opaque envelope which is attached to the inside cover of a 33cm x 45cm portfolio. The portfolio includes a book 29cm x 42cm showcasing each artists artwork and career, AND separate loose art prints representing each of the artists, ready to frame.

The whole thing (card set / portfolio / book / prints) was issued to presenters at the 1995 MTV Music Awards. It’s not know what happened to them after that evening.

The item is 20+ years old and shows slight signs of wear. The seal on the opaque envelope containing the cards has been carefully broken, as has a similar seal on the book.


Good luck!

And here are the front of the cards that we once scanned in for those who can’t spend the hundreds of pounds this will no doubt receive.



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