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The X-Files Is Getting A Mobile Game Next Year

Posted by November 29, 2017 Comment

Despite the somewhat lackluster reception to the latest season of X-Files, I think most people are still pretty jazzed when it comes to the show. Regardless of the season’s quality, there is something about this universe that will always bring people into it. That’s enough about TV, though — why not consider a game? FoxNext has announced that in early 2018, The X-Files: Deep State will launch on iOS, Android, and Facebook.

The game is going to be a free-to-play mystery game that will focus on government cover-ups, aliens, and all that good X-Files-y stuff. It’s also said that new cases will be added monthly to the game. You’ll play as a new agent, and as of yet, Moulder or Scully haven’t been mentioned yet.

Take a look:

Now, if only we could get a AAA X-Files game. I mean… I don’t know if I actually want that, but the idea is certainly interesting. What’s Telltale doing?

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