Tekken 7 Adds Fatal Fury Fighter Geese Howard to Its Roster Tomorrow

Tekken 7

Tekken 7‘s roster is about to get a little bit bigger. As already announced, Fatal Fury‘s Geese Howard is coming to the fighting game, but now we have a release date from Bandai Namco: he’s here tomorrow, too. He will come alongside a new stage and costumes to pad out the paid DLC.

For those not in the know, Geese Howard first made his debut 26 years ago in Fatal Fury, and he’s acted as the main antagonist of the series. Long story short: he’s just a real bad fighting dude.

Here is a trailer to get you jazzed about his inclusion:

Of course, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to come to Tekken 7, but as of yet, his release date remains somewhat elusive.