Destiny 2 Set For Six Hours Of Maintenance Tomorrow

Destiny 2 Set For Six Hours Of Maintenance Tomorrow

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Destiny 2‘s maintenance issues since launch have been, let’s say, extensive. When the game first hit, it went through several lengthy periods of maintenance, taking out a player’s day on the game depending on how the time zone affected you. It’s leveled out as of late, though, so it’s been lower down on the community’s priorities list.

However, with Curse of Osiris out next week, it’s perhaps not surprising that the game is going to need some time to get into a state ready for the DLC to drop. Quite a bit of time, too. It’s been announced on Bungie’s site that tomorrow, November 30th, the game is going to be offline for six hours. The maintenance will start at 8 a.m. PST and end at 2 p.m. PST. If you are in game at 8 a..m., you will be able to play for an hour longer, but you will eventually be kicked off.

You’d have to imagine, clocking in at one of the lengthier maintenance periods since launch, this is prepping for the upcoming DLC, but even so, don’t expect anything to have changed once the game comes online. As the help page notes:

No gameplay content or updates will be introduced with this maintenance period.

So, if you were planning a Raid tomorrow around those times, you might want to look to reschedule.

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