Yooka-Laylee Finally Gets Release Date For Nintendo Switch – And It’s Soon

After the huge fanfare of its announcement and successful Kickstarter campaign, Yooka-Laylee finally found its way into fans hands earlier this year. For better or worse, it was exactly what it was advertised as – a Banjo-Kazooie inspired collectathon. However, there has been one portion of the audience that remained uncatered too and it seems their wait is about to be pay off.

After months of speculation, Playtonic Games have finally unveiled the release date for the Nintendo Switch version, and it’s coming pretty soon. In this launch trailer, the port is confirmed for December 14. You can watch the trailer here:

This game seems like it would be a great addition to anyone’s Switch library. While trying to collect all the feathers in the game might be a little tedious if sat on the couch for long stretches, it might be the perfect thing to do on a commute. This could do very well, as long as Mario Odyssey doesn’t cannibalize it.