Ubisoft Surprise Release A Game From Grow Home Developers Called Ode

Ubisoft Reflections is one for surprises. Years ago they put out the darling Grow Home in pretty swift fashion and more recently, they are fresh off the release of Atomega in September.

You might take that as a sign they were done for the year, but no. Ubisoft has announced the team has sneakily released a game overnight, with no prior announcement. It's called Ode, and it is described as willing you to:

Embark on a journey of pure joy, where every interaction with the environment has an immediate positive visual & aural reaction. Transform your character as you collect fallen stars and ascend through 4 fantasy worlds, revealing melodic landscapes to which you add layer upon layer of music to create a crescendo of sound and light.

Here is a launch trailer for the game too. It looks pretty lovely and like it might be a nice little audio/visual experience to poke at. It certainly looks a bit abstract, but none the less, intriguing. Take a look: