Aquaman’s Plans For Atlantis To Be A Superpower To Rival The USA, In Tomorrow’s Aquaman Annual

Tomorrow’s Aquaman Annual #1 by Philip Kennedy JohnsonMax Fiumara and Dave Stewart sets up a scenario, of a future Atlantean city and then takes us to the future to see it carried out. Courtesy of a preview from DC Comics media partner Comics Beat.

Frankie Howerd-style, we start with a prologue…

But remember, according to Batman, time isn’t in the best shape right now.

With plans to make Atlantis a superpower to rival the US, China and Russia…

Look at that fish issue. Foreshadowing! Foreshadowing!

For Superman to get some grey back in his hair, for Green Lantern to lose an arm (and damn DC Comics do love a lost limb don’t they) …

And for Aquaman and Mera to have a son and heir… looks like the fish wasn’t the only foreshadowing going on back there.

And another issue building on the earlier DC Comics creations of Alan Moore in the 1980s. You’ll see…

(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson (A/CA) Max Fiumara
Aquaman’s dream of unity between surface and sea has come true! A utopia of human and Atlantean ingenuity, and a symbol of harmony between the two cultures, the city of Crownspire is Arthur Curry’s greatest achievement. There Aquaman, Mera, and Tom Curry live in content. But who built Crownspire? Where is Murk? And what exactly is Tom Curry?
Something is very wrong with Aquaman’s world, and if he doesn’t find out soon he may never live to see another day.In Shops: Nov 29, 2017
SRP: $4.99

The Aquaman Annual #1 is published tomorrow by DC Comics.

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