Vanity Fair Unveils Four Avengers: Infinity War Covers As Variant Cover Menace Spreads

The menace of multiple variant covers is spreading! Avengers: Infinity War is the subject of the cover story in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, and to celebrate the success of the cinematic version of the shared comic book universe, the magazine is taking another trick from comics: the unnecessary variant covers!

Vanity Fair will feature not one but four different covers featuring the cast of Avenger: Infinity War.

Will readers collect them all? Unlike comic books, magazines are returnable from the news stand, so the covers can’t be used to goose sales. Even so, Marvel movie fans, less jaded than comics-only readers with decades of cynicism to insulate them from the marketing tactic, will probably be encouraged to buy all four covers.

But if magazine publishing is learning from comics, what can comics learn from magazines in return? Well, the cover price on a single issue of Vanity Fair is $6.99, so perhaps we’ll see another Marvel price hike in the near future.

Check out the covers below.

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