Mother Objects To Son Reading SP4RX By Wren McDonald From His School Library

“Slapping Of The Booty”: Mother Objects To Son Reading SP4RX By Wren McDonald From His School Library

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News4SanAntonio has taken a rather lurid look at parental concern regarding a graphic novel available at her son’s middle school. The headline, “Mother claims son checked out vulgar book from school library,” seems to take the vulgarness as read. But the actual TV report leads by saying that they have “exclusive pictures, some we can’t show them on TV” (though they probably aren’t that exclusive if they were in a comic published last year). The anchors and reporters listed “nudity, strip club, mass murder,” while the mother in question read out euphemised swear words, describing drugs, naked women, the “slapping of the booty” — and that if it were made into a movie, it would be rated R.

That’s the kind of report that can only help sales.

The comic is SP4RX by Wren McDonald, published by NoBrow. It’s was a well-reviewed 2016 graphic novel about a hacker uncovering a plot by the wealthy elite to control the working class via cybernetic implants. Could this kind of attention give it a new lease of life?

Both she and the reporter questioned how the comic made it into the library, with the mother saying, “The people who read this crap go, ‘Hmm, this is acceptable,'” and that she has started the process to get it removed.

The website, though not the TV news report, carried the information that:

“In order to try to get a book removed, parents have to fill out a form. School officials will try to work with the parent to find a resolution. If further action is necessary, a committee of school officials and parents from different campuses will be formed. That committee will be required to read the book and determine if it should be removed from campuses.”

Which is a little more considered…

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