James Gunn Had To Fight The Marvel Creative Committee To Keep His '70s Soundtrack

James Gunn Had To Fight The Marvel Creative Committee To Keep His ’70s Soundtrack

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As Marvel goes into 2018 it’s celebrating its tenth year. After so many movies and a huge about success stories and box office totals higher than some small countries there have been some bumps along the way. One of those bumps came from director James Gunn as he detailed in the Vanity Fair article conflicts he had with the creative committee that the studio used for a lot of the early years.

Director James Gunn chalked up every conflict he had making Guardians of the Galaxy to Perlmutter and the Marvel “creative committee”—a legacy of the studio’s early days—which read every script and gave writers and filmmakers feedback. Said Gunn, “They were a group of comic-book writers and toy people” who gave him “haphazard” notes. The committee, for example, suggested Guardians of the Galaxy ditch the 70s music that the film’s hero loves. (The movie’s soundtrack, featuring retro hits, would later go platinum.)

The soundtrack was one of the thing that made Guardians of the Galaxy work as well as it did. Everyone was listening to that soundtrack for months and it really added to the humor of the universe that Gunn was creating. He won that fight in the end, obviously, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about people fighting with the committee. The committee was disbanded in 2015 and while it isn’t hindering directors on the movies anymore it is often cited as the reason TV and movies don’t cross over anymore.

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