Goop & Sequel Stuff: Chatting With The Cast Of 'Lazer Team 2'

Goop & Sequel Stuff: Chatting With The Cast Of Lazer Team 2

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Just before we hit Thanksgiving, Rooster Teeth released the sequel to Lazer Team, aptly named Lazer Team 2, exclusively on YouTube Red. Before the film came out, we got a chance to chat with the cast of the film, including three returning team members (Burnie Burns, Colton Dunn, and Michael Jones) and one new cast member (Nichole Bloom) about making the film and all the lovely jokes made along the way.

Burnie Burns, Colton Dunn, Gavin Free, Nichole Bloom, & Michael Jones


Prior to making the sequel, what were everyone’s thoughts on the first film and the success you saw from it?

Michael: It was definitely something I never saw myself doing. Getting to be a part of Lazer Team was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I’m beyond grateful to every fan that supported us on Indiegogo, saw the movie in theaters, watched on YouTube Red or purchased the DVD/Blu-ray. There wouldn’t be a Lazer Team or Lazer Team 2 without you.

Burnie: There were so many expectations for us going into our first feature film, that my first instinct was to make sure that we didn’t fall flat on our faces. Once we got over the hump of making our first movie, we had some breathing room and a little less pressure from those expectations. I think that really shows in the second film.

Colton: I really loved the first film! For me, it was a great way to enter the Rooster Teeth community. They were so excited and supportive. I really hope they love this one.

Nichole: The cast of Superstore went together to see the first movie to support Colton. It was a fan screening in L.A. and I was amazed at the turnout and enthusiasm from Rooster Teeth fans. I would’ve never guessed that two years later I’d be asked to be part of the sequel!


Prior to production, what was it like figuring out where to take the film and these characters? What was it like for each of you to come back into these roles for the second time around?

Michael: I had a lot of ideas about where Zach would be after the first Lazer Team. Then I got the script and it was totally different so I read my lines instead. It was great to play Zach and see our friends again. Having the first film under our belt it felt like everything came together so easily and naturally. Nichole and Victoria were great additions to the cast and fit right in immediately.

Burnie: I think we all had aspects of our characters that we want to explore further, but for me, the group dynamic was the key. Being able to go back on set with Michael, Gavin, and Colton was like stepping back into a familial relationship. Everyone was comfortable with each other in a way that we just never were on the first film until the final days. For the sequel, we were able to hit the ground running.

Colton: I was really excited because they told me we had new suits and wouldn’t have to wear the dancer’s belt (thong) that we wore for the first film. But then when I showed up the had written the crabs commercial and Herman needed to be back in the LT1 suit. The thing was just as tight as I remember.


Colton, not being a Rooster Teeth regular, how was it for you to make a return to the film series?

Colton: I was so excited to come back. RT is such an awesome company and the fans are so amazing. Not to mention how cool Austin is. It was great to return and hope to do it again!

What were your thoughts on the film when you first read it and what did you think of your character’s progressions since the last?

Colton: I laughed my ass off when I read it. I thought Hernan was exactly where he should be. In a trailer, drinking old beer.


Nichole, what did you think of your character when you first got the script?

Nichole: So initially, Colton texted me asking if I’d be down to be apart of Lazer Team 2 and I said yes before even reading the script because he told me how fun making the first movie was. I assumed I’d be playing some random small role, and then when I read the script, I was pleasantly surprised that they had written Maggie as this new leader of the group. I think it’s great the writers leaned into having a strong female character in the movie, and hopefully audiences like her and don’t see her as a killjoy.

While the film is focused on the team, Maggie comes into her own and pretty much owns the film along with her fight against Kilbourne (Victoria Pratt). How was it for you seeing Maggie grow throughout the film and force the guys to play second-fiddle?

Nichole: For Maggie, its because she’s in love with Woody that she able to fight Kilbourne and do things that would normally terrify her. I don’t think she’s a natural leader, but she steps up to that role because its the only way to get him back, and I kinda love romantic notions like that.


Any particular moments in the film you loved filming the most?

Michael: There was a scene near the end of the film with a mint and Nichole just couldn’t hold it together and everyone was losing it because she couldn’t stop laughing.

Colton: Anytime all of us were in a scene together. Despite how much the characters argued we all get along so well so it was fun to play with everyone.

Nichole: Hehe, yes. When we filmed the scene towards the end where Colton pulls out a peppermint as a last hurrah and the alien guards take it away, I couldn’t keep it together. I just think it’s really funny when Colton plays helplessness. I had the best (worst) giggle attack when we were filming that scene, and I’m pretty sure our directors were very annoyed with me by the end of it.


What do you hope fans get out of the film? And what would you say to people who haven’t seen it to convince them to check it out?

Michael: I hope the fans like this follow up to the original. Having all of our characters and personalities established, Lazer Team 2 gave us a lot more freedom to try more improv. We would approach every scene within the context of the script but would look for any way to punch up the jokes or add something that someone hadn’t thought of. I feel like our humor got to shine a lot more this time around since the first film did all of the heavy lifting. If you want a sci-fi comedy space adventure starring 4 idiots, a spazzy scientist, a mean lady, some aliens and a few dick jokes, Lazer Team 2 might be for you.

Burnie: I hope the fans enjoy Lazer Team 2 as a funny adventure with characters they already know and love. We were lucky in the sequel that we didn’t have the burden of trying to build out the world the way we had to in the first movie. We could just jump back in and start having adventures. I hope the fans can do the same.


Even with the cliffhanger from the first film, was there any thought given to doing a sequel at the time? Or did you just figure it was a one-and-done kind of project?

Burnie: I always try to approach every story as a standalone. We can always layer in things that we can pay off later if there are additional installments, but I think it’s a little disingenuous to present a movie that is incomplete because you expect to be making a sequel.

What eventually prompted you and the others to write and film Lazer Team 2?

Burnie: We had a lot of fun with the characters and wanted to do more, luckily the audience and YouTube Red felt the same way.


How was it creating a version of space with alien populations that worked within the Lazer Team universe so that it seemed both funny and plausible?

Burnie: We had some seemingly inconsequential lines in the first movie that hinted at a bigger universe. It was nice to go back and mine some of those for building out the story of Lazer Team 2. I love being able to go back and pay off little moments that you didn’t know were going anywhere.

Have you guys ever given any thought to licensing out some of the stuff from the film? Like doing a Slimer H-Ci version of Boot Goop?

Burnie: Yes, but only because I’m a total sell out.


What made you go with YouTube Red for the premiere rather than just holding it on Rooster Teeth’s subscription page?

Burnie: For me, the real benefit for the first movie was the marketing. We had a really good feeling that Google was going to be pushing their new digital platform and that we could potentially get more advertising than most other $3 million sci-fi movies dream off to get even more exposure. Plus it’s just such a rare opportunity that a company like Google is launching a service of that magnitude within two months of the movie wrapping post. It was serendipity. YouTube Red has been such a tremendous partner and shown so much faith in the franchise.

What do you hope fans get out of the film? And what would you say to people who haven’t seen it to convince them to check it out?

Colton: I hope the fans laugh, cry and high five each other. If someone hasn’t seen it they should watch both Lazer Team and Lazer Team 2 on YouTube Red. I can promise there will be some laughs for everyone.

Nichole: I hope it’s what the fans want because that’s the whole reason this movie was made! And I hope the female fans especially enjoy the addition of Maggie and embrace her as part of the posse!



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