Microsoft Is Apparently Giving 'Sea Of Thieves' Special Treatment

Microsoft Is Apparently Giving ‘Sea Of Thieves’ Special Treatment

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According to a story on Stevivor, Rare has been getting a little extra special treatment from Microsoft when it comes to Sea Of Thieves. In an interview with the website during PAX AUS,  Joe Neate of Rare revealed that the company has been working closely with Microsoft and has earned a certain level of trust with the company to where they’re bypassing some of the regular checkpoints the company puts on games looking to be exclusively released on their console. Below is a quick snippet from the interview, but it makes us wonder how other game companies may look at this down the road.

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“The submissions process — normally that’s a time-consuming period,” Rare’s Joe Neate told Stevivor at PAX AUS. “[Normally] Xbox would test it and make sure it all works. Our release of the game… will not be tested by Xbox because we’ve released the game so many times and we’ve not had any issues.” Neate understood the ramifications of the arrangement, laughingly adding, “this will be amazing if it goes wrong.” Jokes aside, the continual process of a weekly, playable version of the game has made Rare fearless. “We release a new version of the game every week and we’ve built that muscle over the last 18 months,” Neate continued. “We’ve done more content updates than pretty much any game in the Xbox portfolio, and we’re not out yet.”

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