Epic Games Is Suing A 14-Year-Old Cheater & Mom Is Pissed

Epic Games Is Suing A 14-Year-Old Cheater & Mom Is Pissed

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There’s a lesson in here somewhere, but we’re not sure what it is yet until everyone goes to court. In a story being monitored by Kotaku, Epic Games is taking two people to court, one of them being a 14-year-old kid, for allegedly cheating in Fortnite. The short version: these two players were apparently using software from Addicted Cheats to find and target Twitch streamers to stream snipe them mid-game, using an aim-bot program and a couple other goodies where you hack the game’s source code. Of course, these two geniuses forget that Fortnite tells you who killed you and immediately follows the player that killed you when you die, so several streamers essentially had clips of the smoking gun in their feeds for Epic Games to scoop up for the lawsuits.

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Now in a bit of a twist, the mom of the alleged 14-year-old cheater is mad and has taken to social media to vent her frustrations against the company for coming after her son. She states, among other items, that she gave no consent to her son to play the game, claims that Epic is using her son as a scapegoat, and that by revealing his name in the suit, they have broken Deleware laws (where they live) in relation to information of a minor. Epic Games responded to Kotaku with this snippet we’ve posted below, but it’s pretty clear that this won’t be resolved overnight, and both parties will inevitably end up in court

“This particular lawsuit arose as a result of the defendant filing a DMCA counterclaim to a takedown notice on a YouTube video that exposed and promoted Fortnite Battle Royale cheats and exploits”, Epic says in a statement given to Kotaku. “Under these circumstances, the law requires that we file suit or drop the claim.

“Epic is not okay with ongoing cheating or copyright infringement from anyone at any age. As stated previously, we take cheating seriously, and we’ll pursue all available options to make sure our games are fun, fair, and competitive for players.”

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