Job Listings Suggest Creative Assembly Is Working On A New IP

Posted by November 25, 2017 Comment

Creative Assembly has a track record to be proud of. They are the gatekeepers of the excellent Total War series but have shown they are capable of something great away from the strategy genre with Alien: Isolation.

Now, it seems they are out ready to make a ‘genre-defining’ IP. This comes by way of three new job listings (via PCGamesN) at the developer for a senior meta game designer, lead technical artist and lead systems designer. There isn’t much here in way of specifics, however, it does mention these positions are for a new IP (sorry, Alien: Isolation 2). Under the listing for the senior meta game designer position, it says:

This is an opportunity for a proven world class Meta Designer to make their mark on our new undisclosed IP contributing to creation of genre-defining games and working with the industry’s top developers.

I’m pretty much down with whatever Creative Assembly is hauling, and them trying to define a genre with a new property has me excited.

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