When Having A Hit Image Comic Still Can't Get You Work At Marvel Or DC

Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory was a hit of an Image comic book title, telling the story of a man who could devine the origin of anything he ate, working for a federal department enforcing chicken prohibition in a world where food-based super powers were rapidly┬ábecoming the norm – and also put a target on your head. It span off into merchandise, adaptations and remains a strong seller. A year ago, it ended in a fantastic finale and John Layman and Rob Guillory wanted to spin off that success into a DC Comics superhero project – or a Marvel Comics project – especially as Layman had worked on a number of DC Comics titles during that period.

But, for the Chew team, bizarrely no one bit.

Such a bizarre turn of events. By the way, this is what a Rob Guillory Plastic Man might look like…


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