Nintendo Apologizes Over Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Server Issues By Offering Leaf Tickets

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been out there for two days, and while initial response seems to be positive, server issues have sullied the game’s release. It won’t take you long to find complaints about not being able to log in, or perhaps you’ve even experienced them yourself.

If so, Nintendo wants you to know that it’s aware of the issue. In an in-app note, it apologizes to affected players and to make up for it, it’s handing out 20 Leaf Tickets if you log in over the next month (before December 23). Nintendo cites huge traffic as the source of the problem and they are working towards fixing it already. It said:

The issue is still occurring intermittently but please be aware that we are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you to those users who have contacted us or left feedback regarding this issue.

Here’s hoping this is resolved sooner rather than later. A dodgy launch that extended into weeks would be a real problem for the mobile game.