Negan Assembles The Lucille Patrol For Skybound On Black Friday

Negan leads a box set of villains from The Walking Dead comic in an exclusive figure box set coming on Black Friday to the Skybound Store.

This one takes its place next to the Shiva Force Box Set that was sold at cons this summer starting at SDCC. The box set includes GI Joe-style carded figures of Negan, Alpha, Beta, and The Governor. As always with Walking Dead figures, there will be regular and blood-splattered versions available.

Premiering this Black Friday, we have our Skybound Exclusive LUCILLE PATROL Boxset! Similar to the SHIVA FORCE box set we unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2017, the Lucille Patrol collectible box set includes four amazing variant versions of Negan, The Governor, Alpha, and Beta. We will be selling these in both clean and blood-splattered variants.

This is in addition to our other Black Friday deals and sales that you can check out. And thanks to a request from a Skybound Insider, we’ll be unlocking these figures EXCLUSIVELY for Insiders 2 hours early, at 10:01 pm EST on Thursday, November 23rd! So now is a great time to sign up for Insiders!

Want to add to your Lucille Patrol collection? Then sign up for our Megabox and you can get a Lucille Patrol variant figure of Dwight right now! See you Friday bright and early!

I haven’t bought a Megabox yet, although I have been meaning to. How can you pass up a shot at an exclusive Dwight figure? I hope they do tons more of these Joe-style figures. As long as they keep making them, I will keep supporting them.

Look for this on their store site Friday.

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