Holiday Gift Guide: Which Weird Games Accessories Does Your Gamer Want?

Everyone loves having extra stuff to go with their hobbies; it’s why capitalism has continued to succeed despite being something of an unsustainable system. And no one knows that better than a gamer. So what will you get your gamer that they don’t already have? They’ve likely already got a nice headset, maybe even a quality mic, and good charging cables. So you’re left with accessories stands, which make for really boring gifts, and some more off-beat options.

We’ve decided to make things easy on you and give you two options at completely different ends of the cost spectrum. Because that is a personal goal we set here at Bleeding Cool.

Game chairs are something of a PC gaming trend, though more and more console and even mobile gamers are picking them up. The idea behind a game chair is to be the ultimate computer chair, with an absurd amount of customization, and a ton of lumbar support. noblechairs make some of the more understated game chairs out there, which come in the ICON and EPIC series. The ICON chairs can basically fit in with regular furniture where the EPICs scream “game chair” with suitable panache. noblechairs‘ products start off at $339.99 USD and work their way up from there. It is worth noting that 1 out of 3 cats absolutely adores the ICON series. The other two can’t get near it, naturally. Meanwhile, the EPICs made us feel like Bond villains, in the best way.


Credit// Homall Chairs

If your gamer is a bit less low-key about their addiction, and also not as particular about their posterior comfort, you can snag a more economic Homall chair for them. Depending on your color choice, you can get a Homall gaming chair for $99.99 from Amazon this weekend.

Spektrum glasses
Credit// Spektrum Glasses

And then there’s game glasses. Game glasses are yellow-tinted, anti-blue light protectant lenses that’ll minimize eyestrain from staring at computers for too damn long. A pair of Spektrum Prospek glasses like those pictured above will come to about $39.95 to $44.95 depending on the particular model. Spektrum’s Prospek line are more fashion forward than most of their competition, so are ideal for the more image-conscious gamer.


Credit// Gunnar Eyewear

If your gamer is more traditionally games-centric, they’d probably prefer a pair of Gunnar glasses. The above Gunnar frames are from the Vertex line which are a little sportier than Gunnar’s Optiks line┬ábut both offer the same gaming advantage and style. Gunnar are running a sale this weekend on their glasses, and you can find frames for as little as $25.00 USD.


Credit// ThinkGeek

But if you were looking for more traditional accessories, like clothing. We can’t really rep ThinkGeek’s awesome Zelda line enough.

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