Holiday Gift Guide Roundup: What To Get The Gamers In Your Life

Because Thanksgiving is really just the pre-game to all those Black Friday doorbuster sales, we’ve got your holiday gamer gift guide early so you know exactly what the get the gamer’s in your life. Because, let’s be real, shopping for gamers is hard. Especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at. After all, it is so easy to confuse the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S if you aren’t into Microsoft systems (and their terrible naming conventions). So, here is your no-nonsense, dumbed down gift guide for all the various end of year Holidays.

To make things easier on you, we’ve broken things down by category. So you can just go ahead, decide how much you like your gamer, and work from there.

If you’re planning to spend at least $299 USD, you may want to take a gander at our Console gift guide.

If you know your gamer already has all the consoles they want, you might want to check out our guide of the best holiday gift games including some of this year’s hottest titles. You won’t be spending more than $50 USD on any of these.

If your gamer is dying to get their hands on one of those nifty VR headsets, we’ve got a breakdown of which ones to get, why, and what they’ll cost you. Hint: it’s a lot. The cheapest is over $300 USD.

And failing all of that, there’s always game accessories. We’ve got stuff from $25 – $339 USD here, because swing categories are the best.

Or, if you’re looking for gifts to get your gamer friends after they’ve wrecked you in Overwatch this week, we have some alternative suggestions. No one wants to give their kill-stealing best friends a good gift. No, you want to get them one that hurts, one that will hit them where they live. And thus, we give you, these hats. Because nothing says “you are the worst friend” quite like a hat that says “gamer.”

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