Sign-up For The Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Is Closing Next Week

Credit// Rare

Sign-ups for the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha will end next week on December 1, 2017. So you’ve still got some time to join the seafaring action before the game hits beta phase and launches sometime early next year. For those of you who have been living under rocks, Sea of Thieves is a pirate RPG from Rare that allows you to partake in the usual Pirate past-times: drinking, pillaging, grand theft maritime, and probably some petty theft while you’re at it. The game had a massive debut at the Xbox E3 show back in 2016 and has been in Technical Alpha phase for much of 2017.

Rare shared the news in a post on Xbox Wire, players will have until December 1 to join the Xbox Insider Program for Sea of Thieves and be invited to the game’s next play session, which Rare promises will be the “biggest and best yet.” The Insider program grants Xbox players access to other perks and bonuses, as well as regular communication updates on the development of Sea of Thieves. Rare will provide more details about the next play session in December.

Joining the Insider Program is free. Anyone interested can sign up at Sea of Thieves‘ official website by linking their Microsoft account. You’ll also need to be 18 years or older to sign the NDA.

Sea of Thieves is due out for release in early 2018.

Rare also released a new trailer today, using their new tagline “Be More Pirate” because everyone needs to go ahead and embrace their inner piratical impulses. You know, to drink, pillage, and have ridiculous sea battles. All in a day’s work. You can check out the new trailer below.

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