Markiplier And Neal Adams Coming At You: Red Giant February 2018 Solicits

Markiplier's Red Giant Entertainment comic continues its run with a Army of Darkness-inspired cover by artist Andre Siregar. Plus, Neal Adams' The Villain comic continues its miniseries run with other creators William Applegate and Mikael Bergkvist. Details are below.

(W) Benny Powell, Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach (A) Jinky Coronado, Mauro Mandalari (CA) Andre Siregar
With over 19 million subscribers, Markiplier is one of YouTube's biggest superstars. Now he continues his hysterical cross-dimensional adventure in comics. In this issue, he has to navigate the frightful worlds of Pandora's Blogs and Monster Isle where he faces off against horrors that make him scream like only Markiplier can! (STL012469)
RES. from Previews Vol. XXVI #6 (JUN161720)
32pgs, FC (3 of 4) SRP: $3.99


VILLAIN #3 (OF 5) (MR)
(W) Neal Adams, William Applegate (A) Mikael Bergkvist (CA) Neal Adams
Super villain Jon Doe's very dark secret is out, and he's on the run with the woman he loves. The only thing left for Jon now is to rely on old friends to stay one step ahead, but can they be trusted? (STL071607)
24pgs, FC (3 of 5) SRP: $3.99


(W) Benny Powell (A/CA) Weilin Yang, Youjun Yang
Kronos relates the story of how the Panthean war began, and the secret origin of the Star Core itself! How did the greatest hero become branded a traitor? Answers are revealed here! (STL071608)
24pgs, FC SRP: $2.99

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