San Diego Comic-Con Vs Salt Lake Comic Con Goes To Trial Over Trademark

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On November 28th, the trial will begin for Salt Lake Comic Con vs San Diego Comic-Con regarding the ownership and use of the words “Comic Con” and its variants. Salt Lake Comic Con registered the trademark for their name, which is what kicked this battle off – and now it is heading towards a conclusion, three years after San Diego sent Salt Lake their first Cease And Desist…

Salt Lake were considering crowdfunding their legal case after spennding $1.5 million to date, but have decided not to go that way. A judge was set up to look at the case in September but as ever these things get delayed.

In the run-up, Salt Lake Comic Con has been posting plenty of public statements about the disagreement, while Comic-Con International has remained publicly silent. They successfully managed to gag Salt Lake from doing that, arguing that this prevented a free trial by tainting the jury pool, but this was later dismissed on first amendment grounds.

The Ninth Circuit Court says “The case has drawn nationwide attention and discussion on traditional and social media alike, in part because “comic cons” have been held in hundreds of venues across the United States.”

The fight is on. And whatever the argument, it will come down to the law and to the courts. Oh and the interminable appeal processes, don’t forget those.

A Rose City Comic Con would smell as sweet…


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