Giving Her All She’s Got! We Review The Star Trek Warp Core Car Charger

We got some awesome items from Think Geek in the mail recently, and while most of them are of a specific nature we’ll get to later, we did get some awesome additions that we thought about checking out. The first on that list was the Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger.

This thing is pretty badass for a Star Trek product, as it is about as good a recreation of the TNG warp core as you can get shy of highly detailed models. To be clear, you may not recognize it right away because it isn’t what your standard engineering section would look like, you’re simply getting the core itself, including the red railing around it for “safety”. The design of this is meant to fit inside your cup holder, making it easy for you to reach over to it without needing to go far from the charging port.

The front of the base has an on/off button, while the back has two USB ports for charging. It doesn’t really matter what device you plug in here, as we tried several out from phones to Bluetooth devices to portable headphones. Anything that requires a USB charge on one end of the cord will work. As it charges you can see the blue warp core glow from the show go up from the base and down from the tower, which is a lovely and unexpected bonus. The only drawback is that it’s directly connected to the car charger plug and you can’t swap it out for a standard plug without an adaptor. So unless you want to buy extra equipment for it, this is for car use only.

Overall, this is an awesome little piece of tech. It is $40, which is more than some would pay for the same kind of device, so basically you’re paying extra money to have a Star Trek themed gadget in your car. It works well and stays in place, so really the question comes down to how much you love Star Trek, especially the TNG era. I highly recommend it if that’s your jam.

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