If You Miss Carrie Fisher Like We Do, You Should Watch This Video

Posted by November 20, 2017 Comment

It’s been almost a year since we lost one of the great lights in the galaxy: our Princess General, Carrie Fisher. For many, she was a symbol. What kind of symbol changes by era and by person, of course. Hope, recovery, humor, humanity — she was all those things and more.

St. Carrie of the self-rescuing Princesses was a brilliant writer, making her mark on Hollywood for decades with script doctoring jobs and edits. Her autobiographical books and one-woman live shows remain nuggets of wisdom peppered with heartache and hilarity. She was never afraid to tell you what she thought, or to stand up for the things she believed in.

Her passing left many with a need to create in her name, to honor her.

Lindsay van Ekelenburg’s beautiful piece, Our Blessed Rebel Queen (with bonus Gary!)

There is no shortage of amazing tribute art celebrating Carrie and her life. This recent piece by artist Lindsay van Ekelenburg is my current favorite. The image features Carrie as we last saw her, older and wiser. In one hand she holds her tongue-lolling companion and internet celebrity in his own right, Gary.  The other hand is lifted in her signature gesture, the middle finger. I really want to get printed on some devotional candles.

But, of course, this sent me down a rabbit hole of seeking out some personal favorite television appearances of hers, eventually bringing my attention back to Craig Ferguson. Some gem of a person on the internet (no, really, sometimes they exist) collated all of Carrie’s visits to Craig’s CBS show and compiled them into an hour and a half of pure wonderful.

I laughed because she’s funny, I cried because she’s gone, and I smiled because she’ll always be with us — just like the Force.

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