DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Wants Warner Bros. To Release Justice League Ultimate Cut

DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Already Wants Warner Bros. To Release Justice League Ultimate Cut

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Justice League has barely been in theaters for a day, and some fans are already proclaiming that, just like the film’s box office take, two hours of Justice League simply isn’t enough. Leading the charge is Robert Garcia, the DC-loving mayor of Long Beach, California, who isn’t afraid to wield his political influence to support his favorite superhero universe.

Garcia took to Twitter to post about his excitement for seeing the film:

And when the day finally arrived, he was first in line…

And if you’re wondering what Garcia thought about the movie, well, he was more generous than certain reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes:

Though Garcia lashed out at critics of director Zack Snyder, he felt that the movie would please audiences.

And Garcia declared Snyder a genius:

And if there’s one thing Garcia believes could make Justice League better… it’s more Justice League!

When early Thursday box office reports started rolling in, Garcia was optimistic.

But he hasn’t tweeted about the film since Friday’s numbers have all but ensured a sub-$100 million opening weekend, making it unlikely that the film will achieve the billion-dollar worldwide milestone that so many of rival Marvel Studios films have. Instead, Garcia has focused on local matters like a new city airport shuttle and the opening of an astroturf park.

But that’s the thing about politics and superhero movies: it isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And DC-loving Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia is clearly in it for the long haul.

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