Was That A Doomsday Clock Reference In The Justice League Movie?

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So, yes, I liked the Justice League movie. More than Batman v Superman, less than Wonder Woman, more than Thor: The Dark World, less than Ragnarok, more than X-Men: Apocalypse, less than X-Men: First Class… maybe on a par with Days of Future Past. There we go; that’s about the level. Just so you know where I am, going in.

Knowing that Geoff Johns had significant input into this movie, as DC President, Chief Creative Officer and with a roving movie brief, the moment in the Justice League movie when Superman talks about humanity “acting like the Doomsday Clock has a snooze button” does seem to stick out a little.

Especially when Justice League Day on Saturday has a free Justice League comic that he wrote, drawn by Jim Lee, being given away by comic stores, and filled with ads for Doomsday Clock.

And with Doomsday Clock coming out the Wednesday after the release of Justice League, it does seem like Johns has his ducks all lined up in a little row.

It wouldn’t be the first time — when the New 52 started, Johns and Lee put a T-shirt on a character in Justice League #3 with the words Panic Room — at the time, the internal DC code for the Before Watchmen project…

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