There’s Been A Shakeup On Team RAW

Last night, after Jason Jordan took on Bray Wyatt (who is now back from an illness, yay) and won, Wyatt delivered a blow to Jordan’s leg, resulting in an injury. This bad news for Team RAW, especially after Stephanie McMahon accused Kurt Angle of playing favorites with Jordan.

This promo has been absolute gold. I’m not a fan of the Jordan/Angle gimmick. It cheapens Jordan a great deal, and I can’t take his “freak-outs” seriously. But Stephanie getting in the middle and Jordan getting injured is great. Having Jordan call Angle “dad” is hilarious, if not a little sad. Unfortunately, Angle was backed into a corner. After some teary mic work from both men, Angle announced that Jordan will be replaced.

With Triple H.

I’m still laughing about this.

In an effort to make sure more superstars go the CM Punk route, we have Triple H attack Jordan, cementing the fact that creative likes having everyone in the McMahon family be a pseudo-villain. I really hope Jordan turns heel and goes after the McMahons (heck, it would be great to see Angle do that, too), but there you have it. What a great, over-the-top promo.

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